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明日は知らない Never Catch Up to You



NAKAMURA Masashi / SATO Fumi

-video projection,script-

NAKASE Syungsuke




"One night, While Prince Girolamo was sitting on the roof of his golden palace, playing checkers withe the fairy whose blood was cold and green, he felt a little drop of moisture on his hand,

"'Ah,' said the green-blooded fairy, 'its's starting to rain.'

"'It can't be.' said the prince. 'There ins't a cloud in the sky.'

(MoMo / Michael Ende)

2016: "Baobab Presents Dance×Scrum!!!" at Owl Spot,Ikebukuro,JP

          "Theater 21Fes Vol.104" at Session House Kagurazaka,JP

photo by kaneko manaho

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